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Aegean terra ltd., is a Greek Cypriot company which started construction activities in Greece in 2005.

The main company activity is the construction of all kind of properties with emphasis on the construction of holiday homes on the islands of Rhodes, Crete and Tinos, as well as houses in the area of Athens.

Our Vision is to build on exceptional sunny places on the Greek Islands, modern and functional houses, which satisfy the needs of our customers and make them feel secure and happy with their choice for their holiday house. Tinos properties are available for sale or rental.

For information please contact us.


Welcome to Tinos island

Welcome to the island of contrast and tradition that has been remained unchanged through the time.
In Tinos you will find natural beauties particularly fascinating and charming for you. You will find here wonderful clean beaches, both organized or not, with light-blue/green waters.

You will be charmed by the unique architecture of the island. You will feel the abundance of the Cycladic art in every corner, every small road, and every village. Blue windows, parterres filled with flowers, windmills, hundreds of picturesque country churches and dovecots built in a unique artistic way characterizing only the Tinian technicians, in combination with the exotic barren landscape of dry walls.

This is Tinos island.

Tinos, the island of smiling peasants whose hospitality will capture you for ever.
Tinos is unique as it is one of the most modern islands of Cyclades without having lost its particular colour and culture. A perfect road network is available leading to all parts of the island. It has one of the most modern harbours of Greece with the biggest number of arrivals and departures in the Aegean Sea.

It is at a distance of 64 geographical miles from Rafina and Lavrio and 86 geographical miles from Piraeus, a distance covered within 2-4 hours, depending on the speedboat or conventional boat you may choose for your journey. Access to the harbours is easy from El. Venizelos airport, too, since there are buses leaving for the harbour of Piraeus every 20 minutes. For the other two harbours (Rafina and Lavrio) there are frequent bus itineraries from the centre of Athens where you may go by train from the airport.

Tinos' gastronomy.

You will be amazed by the big number of local products like caper, tomatoes, louza, cheese, honey, veal and pork meat which are the main ingredients of the meals in most restaurants and taverns of the island.
Taste louza (pork delicatessen), syglina (boiled pork meat prepared in a special recipe), fourtalia (omelet stuffed with cold meat and cheese), artichoke, omelette, dried tomatoes with in the sun.

For the lovers of night life, the island offers many options for entertainment as visitors can enjoy lively parties organized in the bars and clubs located in the Hora (capital of the island) and in the big villages. Visit Tinos island and select your country house next to the sea or on the mountain with an amazing view and enjoy the island's natural beauties as well as the magic feeling for moments of full relaxing, family company or intense entertainment.


By ship:

There is a ferry connection of Tinos with the harbours of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio with regular and very frequent itineraries of conventional ships and speedboats.
Journey time: 2 - 4.30 hours, depending on the type of ship you may select.
From El. Venizelos airport, you may arrive at the harbour of Rafina by taxi or by bus in about 20 minutes, at the harbour of Piraeus by the subway, the suburban railway, by bus or taxi in about 1.30'' and at the harbour of Lavrio by taxi in about 30''.

For more information, please call:
Tinos Port Authorities, tel.: 22830.22348 & 22830.22220
Piraeus Port Authorities, tel.: 210.4124585
Rafina Port Authorities, tel.: 22940.28888 and 22940.22300
(Eastern Attica, 27 km to the east of Athens)
Lavrio Port Authorities, tel.: 22920.25249 and 22920.26859
(South-eastern Attica, 54 km to the south-east of Athens)

Itineraries of air and ship transport: 1440

By air:

You may arrive at Tinos by airplane through Mykonos.
Many airplanes of local airlines and many charter flights get to this airport on a daily basis.

There is daily and frequent connection by ship between Tinos and Mykonos and the duration of the trip is 15 minutes. In general, the frequency of ship itineraries depends on the season.

From March to October, itineraries are more frequent, reaching the peak during the summer months.

How to go from Tinos Harbour to Naiades & Nirides complexes, at Vourni bay.

Upon arriving at the harbour of Tinos, the direction to the east, towards Kionia settlement should be followed.
Drive on a parallel line with the beach and after about 2 km pass before Tinos Beach Hotel. Keep on following the same direction, always having the sea to your left, and arrive at a crossroad, where you should turn to the left.

Following the signs of the complexes you will shortly arrive at Vourni bay.
The total distance from the harbour to Vourni is 4.5 km. At the moment, there is no bus itinerary to Vourni settlement.

In case you arrive at Tinos without your own means of transportation, there are several car or motorcycle rental agencies where you may book the most convenient vehicle of your choice or you may use the local taxis. You may find respective contact information at www.tinos.gr , www.e-tinos.gr & www.exombourgo.gr.



Τatoiou 73 & Harilaou Τrikoupi, Κifisia
T: +302106209558
F: +302106200678
E: info@aegeanterra.gr

Feel free to contact us through the form.